Why That DJ Chic?


It's Important to Hire a Professional...not from Craigslist or by letting a family friend handle your music entertainment.

So, one of your friends who really loves music and might be DJing as a hobby.   Or might have done an event as a DJ for one or two event.  You might be  looking for ways to save money on your wedding, etc. and having this friend DJ your wedding or event would be a win-win for everyone. While we cannot tell you that it might not work out and not to do it,  we can tell you some top reasons why you should hire That DJ Chic,  a professional DJ music mixer professional.  Who will put your mind at ease knowing that you can check this to-do-list as completed.  

What You Can Expect from That DJ Chic

  1. Peace of Mind:  You will know that you are working with a true professional after just the first conversation with That DJ Chic.  Put your mind at ease knowing that you can put a checkmark for completed your search for a music DJ who has a phenomenal reputation and the skills to back it up.  Sit back and relax, you are dealing with a professional.  
  2. Dependability: You communicate what you want and that DJ Chic will show up ahead of the event, set up, mic and sound check completed and ready to get the crowd jumping.  With hundreds of events DJ’d, That DJ Chic has never been late or missed any event.  
  3. Reading the Crowd: One of the most important part of being a DJ is reading the crowd as well as listening.  It is a skill where you have to know what will get people out of their seats and dance like there is no tomorrow.  You have to know when to introduce a mix while teasing the party of what’s to come next.  
  4. Professionalism: The ultimate professional is at your service.  No need to worry about is she knows when to do an intro. or engage with your crowd.  The party will know that you hired a professional who loves what she does and love to see people enjoy the music and the beat.  
  5. Handling Requests: It’s all about listening and managing the crowd but also knowing when to accommodate music request and when to play them.  That won’t be a problem at all.  That DJ Chic will take requests and make the level of engagement next level.   
  6. EquipmentA DJ’s equipment is key, no questions ask.  From top of the line sounds and systems, this is definitely one area that you do not have to worry about.  Let the clear crisp quality sounds put your dance party in the mood. 
  7. Presentation: Arriving extra early dressed for the occasion while ensuring that all equipment, boxes, cords, etc. are all nicely unnoticeable.  No trip hazard to worry about.  Your party goers will know that the DJ is in the house professionally engaging with all your party goers to make a memorable event for all.   


THAT DJ CHIC customizes performances around three specific areas - the music, the events and the level of interaction from your entertainer. You can have as much or as little control as you wish. Your Client Planning Intake meeting will make planning your event a breeze!


DALLAS…let me just say, I’m no easy chic to please. I’m pretty particular about what I like & I what I want and “That DJ Chic” exceeded my expectations. We toured the location together prior to my event. I told her all my favorite songs I wanted and she customized my playlist not only for me but for my diverse audience and my vision for the event. On my special day, I loved the fact that she arrived early and had professional equipment which says alot. And as guests started to arrive, I could tell how into her craft she was. She loves music and picked up on my style quickly as she had mixed in some classic throwbacks that had me like yasss…hunti…Go dj…thats my dj. So at the end of the day, I was extremely happy with the dj services provided by That DJ Chic and I’d definitely recommend her for your next party, wedding, book-signing, etc. Thank you again, That DJ Chic!! #girlboss #dj #wedding #Dallas #Texas #party #birthday #celebration #turnup #empower

Bottom-line – always provide a professional service by being kind, friendly, courteous, when interacting with family and guest. -Tanasha Allwood 

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